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Steering Committee Update / Feature on the DigiWriting Writers Festival

The recent meeting of the SACC steering committee had a very full agenda. Here are some highlights:

This blog will feature some of our member organizations over the next few months. You will learn a bit our members while they promote their arts and culture work for the fall season. See our first, featured group, Digiwriting: Stratford Writer’s Festival, later in this blog post.

We have featured some of the “fun facts” about the Stratford Arts and Culture scene on our Facebook page. Please “Like and Share” the page! In your circle of friends, who would like to know about the Stratford Arts and Culture Collective and the proposed Arts and Culture Centre??

Speaking of knowing about the Centre, we are holding a “Dialogue Night” especially for independent artists in all arts disciplines on Monday, September 18 at the Gallery Stratford, starting at 7 pm. Artists will hear about the Collective, and we’ll share our plans and have a dialogue about how the Centre can help independent artists in their work. RSVP to so we can plan for the right number of people. Thanks.

Our “Business Case and Project Overview” document is heading toward completion. We will be using it to promote our case for supporting the Centre.

You may have seen the article in the Stratford Beacon Herald about the SACC or heard the interview by Eddie Matthews with Co-organizer Ron Dodson earlier this month.

Consultations with community groups continue! Send your thoughts, ideas and feedback to

Featured SACC member group

Stratford Writers Festival

October 20-22, 2017

The DigiWriting Stratford Writers Festival, held in the artistic and literary city of Stratford, brings writers together with readers where they can interact, discuss, and share literature through author readings, panel discussions, Q & As, author book signings, and writer workshops. The festival features Canadian award-winning writers, and emerging Canadian and local writers such as Ron Sexsmith, Scaachi Koul, Eden Robinson, Candy Palmater, Terry Fallis, Heather O’Neill, Jennifer Robson, Deborah Cooke, Eric Walters and Dayna Manning. For more information please visit:


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