Playmakers! Theatre School

“Playmakers! is one of many arts groups in our city that will benefit directly from a dedicated, well-equipped, flexible and affordable space, zoned for public assembly, of the type envisioned by the SACC. . . . Such a centre would increase Playmakers! capacity to serve the young people of our community. In a properly-equipped space such as the new community arts centre, increased numbers of children and youth will experience—and demonstrate—the magical transformation that live theatre brings to their lives.”

Stratford Festival

"Today we have a wealth of small festivals, independent artists and producers, and amateur arts organizations - all of whom would greatly benefit from modern facilities in which to showcase their work. Stratford also has an abundance of ardent supporters of the arts, creating a solid audience base for users of a new centre, an audience that could be augmented by the hundreds of thousands of people who visit Stratford each year for plays and musical events."

Alternative Theatre Works

“It is difficult in Stratford to find suitable performance space and to put the infrastructure in place in order to ask people to pay to see your show. Finding rehearsal space is nearly impossible. . . The artists living in Stratford want to be of benefit to our community and offer what we have, but how can artists do that when we have no place to do it? . . . We have talent galore in this city and boast an astonishing amount of success stories in the world. Surely our young emerging artists deserve better.”

Ballinran Enertainment

“The concept of including a Media Centre that incorporates a flexible studio/soundstage space and post-production facilities would enable us to bring more of our filming and post-production work to Stratford. In addition, it would create an environment in which the next generation of content creators could learn and be inspired to launch their careers.”

Off the Wall Stratford Artists Alliance

"Having worked in the arts and culture sector in Stratford for 15 years, I know there is an unfortunate void in affordable spaces for artistic expression. SACC’s efforts towards developing a shared, multipurpose facility will benefit all cultural groups and, indeed all citizens."

On Stage Dance Studio

"Stratford is a community that is rich in culture and this potential space would be well used and embraced by all our organizations. This venue would offer wonderful opportunities not only for us but for all the great cultural groups in this area."

Carla Coles, Artist and Author

"​Artistic​ ​persons​ ​in​ ​conjunction​ ​with​ ​proper​ ​space​ ​and​ ​tools​ ​to​ ​develop our​ ​projects,​ ​can​ ​only​ ​serve​ ​to​ ​better​ ​our​ ​art​ ​and​ ​our​ ​everyday."

Stratford Summer Music

"We at Summer Music have utilized existing community spaces for our events for the last seventeen years, and will continue to do so in future seasons. But there have been artists we have been unable to present due to venue size and amenity restrictions. We believe a well designed performance hall would offer more options to presenters, such as Summer Music, allowing for expanded programming choices."

Perth County Players

“For us, a new performance space would provide our productions with a suitable venue for our performers (a proper stage), our crew (enhanced lighting and sound capabilities) as well as our audience (comfort). The concept of a hub would provide Perth County Players and many other organizations a ‘performance home’ which could be shared cooperatively amongst arts organizations.”

Stratford Writers Festival

“A new culture centre would be an ideal place for us to host our Festival, and bring the literary and artistic scenes together in one central space. This ideal venue would allow us to grow our festival, offer increased programming, collaborate with other local artists and groups, and bring in even more talented authors and artists to the community.”

Festival Sounds Chorus

“There would be so many benefits to having a dedicated Stratford Arts and Culture Centre! To have a dedicated Arts and Culture Centre would mean that all groups could be more visible. With one great venue, more eyes would be focused on the happenings in one venue, which could mean more audiences for all groups.”

Stratford Concert Band

"We enthusiastically endorse the project of the Stratford Arts and Culture Collective to bring a multi-use performance facility to the Cooper Site. Stratford has a vital tradition of arts- related activities. . .We believe that ALL artists in Stratford deserve spaces in which to create, innovate and perform, and the SACC's proposal for an Arts hub would truly serve those needs."

Mmmm Composers In Concert

"The Arts and Culture Centre would be of immense benefit to us as composers and presenters, providing us with amenities which have not thus far been locally available. . .we feel that the Centre will itself be of untold benefit to the City of Stratford and its cultural development."

Kathleen Freeman, Independent Artist

“After hearing about the proposals your committee has presented as possibilities for the use of the GTR property, I feel that this will be a great way to connect residents and visitors to our fine city. As an emerging, independent artist I think that having proper facilities for independent and local groups to perform and produce various arts forms will only enhance all that we have to offer.”

Kiwanis Festival of the Performing Arts

“The Kiwanis Festival of the Performing Arts Stratford would benefit greatly from such a facility. It holds the potential of becoming a prime location for our programming. Many of our young performers exhibit outstanding talent and deserve to be recognized as promising and upcoming performers in our community.”

Music and Opera Appreciation

“SACC represents our shared artistic beliefs. We recognize the importance of culture in our communities and Music and Opera Appreciation presents culturally vital programming that enhances the quality of community life through music education. . . The Arts and Culture Centre would provide the necessary scope for our organization to thrive and grow into the future.”

Avon Maitland District School Board

"We understand and value the importance of the Arts both in education and for the community and we believe such a Centre will be of significant benefit for our students as well as the Stratford and area community."

14th World Festival of Children’s Theatre

“A Stratford Arts and Culture Centre would have a significant economic impact on the area throughout the year, but particularly in the ‘shoulder’ seasons for use by local groups and by others. . . A Stratford Arts and Culture Centre would have the mandate to showcase our own groups plus productions from across Canada. It would give Stratford citizens a better window on the world, so that barriers and borders could be broken down.”

County of Perth Community Choir

"This is a letter of support for the Stratford Arts and Culture Collective goals to include space for community based organizations in the Cooper Block."

Stratford Concert Choir

"As a 90+ choir, it is sometimes challenging to find a performance space that can accommodate our large size, especially when guest choirs or orchestral musicians join us."

Jennifer Stewart, Theatre Artist

“How wonderful would it be to have an Arts and Culture Centre in Stratford! . . . Artists who now have to leave the city to create (myself included), would be able to stay in Stratford, to work and to create their art from their hometown. I believe that Stratford is a magical place where a group of people can have a dream, and with hard work and determination, they can really make that dream come true!”