• Kelly Aarts, Dance teacher

  • Peggy Coffey, Independent Artist; Co-Artistic Director, Alternative Theatre Works

  • Ron Dodson, Co-Chair, Retired Arts Educator; Artistic Director, 14th World Festival of Children’s Theatre, Stratford 2016

  • Stephen Degenstein, Independent Theatre Designer

  • Chris Leberg, Co-Chair, Artistic Director, Perth County Players

  • Judy Matheson, General Manager, Stratford Summer Music

  • Astrid Russell, Retired Arts Educator

  • Heidi Sander, Digiwriting: Stratford Writers Festival

  • Linda Whiting, President, Stratford Concert Choir

  • Cathy Winhold, Board Member, Off the Wall Stratford Artists Alliance


  • Annette av Paul

  • Peter Mansbidge OC

  • Loreena McKennitt CM OM

  • Scott McKowen

  • Leslie Watts


The Stratford Arts and Culture Collective is made up of more than 30 Stratford arts and culture organizations and independent artists that are working together under one umbrella to make the dream of a Stratford Arts and Culture Centre a reality. Over 4,000 Stratford citizens participate onstage and backstage with the SACC member organizations.


Agora Gallery


Ballinran Entertainment




Kiwanis Festival of the Performing Arts


Off The Wall Stratford Artists Alliance


Perth County Community Players


Stratford Concert Band


Stratford Symphony Orchestra


Alternative Theatre Works


Festival City Big Band


Independent Artists


Mmmm Composers In Concert


On Stage Dance Studio


Playmakers Theatre School


Stratford Concert Choir


Stratford Writers Festival


Architectural Conservancy Stratford Perth


Festival Sounds Chorus


Infinity Dance


Multicultural Association of Perth-Huron


Performing Arts Lodge Stratford


Queen of the Square Cinema


Stratford Festival


Strictly Stratford


Avon Maitland District School Board


Gallery Stratford


Judy's School of Dance


Music and Opera Appreciation


Perth Arts Connect


SpringWorks Festival


Stratford Summer Music


World Festival of Children's Theatre



The mission of the Stratford Arts and Culture Collective is to be the primary voice and advocate for the Stratford Arts and Culture Centre.



Our vision is for the Stratford Arts and Culture Centre to be an additional venue to serve the arts and culture needs of Stratford and area citizens.



  • Honouring and enhancing the city’s artistic and cultural life;

  • Collaboration with other like-minded organizations;

  • Inclusion of all Stratford citizens in our planning, regardless of their age, income, religious or ethnic origins, or any other visible or invisible identifier.


The artistic vision of the Centre is founded in four main areas:

  • Meeting community arts and culture needs;

  • Being multi-faceted;

  • Being a strong partner; and

  • Being self-sustaining.



The Stratford Arts and Culture Centre will serve many community needs.

  • As a venue, it will be a host and home for local performing arts groups;

  • As a cultural and community developer, it will provide a venue for a wide range of demographics to come together in mutual understanding;

  • As a presenter, it will showcase artists and performing arts companies from across Canada and the world;

  • As an educator, it will be an incubator and catalyst in arts learning by bring artists and audiences closer through meaningful experiences, while ensuring the Centre remains healthy, sustainable and dynamic.


Two members of our Steering Committee passed away during our journey. Our work continues to be guided by their commitment, inspiration and wisdom. Their enthusiastic involvement in this endeavour is very much missed.

JD Sterne.jpg

With extremely heavy hearts, we address the passing of our dear friend John David Sterne at his home in PAL Place on August 23, 2020. He was a well-known and well-loved figure in the arts community of Stratford, a kind beacon of perpetual hope who believed, not only in art, but in artists and their worth.


A driving force in the creation of INNERchamber, he served as President of the Board as it prepared to enter its 11th season. As a long-time member of PAL Stratford (Professional Arts Lodge) and a past President of the Board, he worked tirelessly for the benefit of artists in their later years who needed access to affordable housing and community support.  He also served on the Executive of the Stratford Arts and Culture Collective working to find the arts and artists of Stratford a permanent home. His past work as Executive Director of the Stratford Symphony Orchestra brought him into our community and we are so thankful it did.


His life was a song of dedication across Canada, from Edmonton to Montreal. The wealth of experience and compassion he brought to our organizations was rich, and he shared his wisdom generously. It is not sufficient to say he will be much missed. We send our love for him and our profound gratitude to him out into the world as we strive to have as true a course and as open a heart as he did.

Judy Tye.jpeg

Judy Tye (nee Patterson) was born and raised in St. Catharines Ontario. The daughter of a Norwegian immigrant, Judy learned from a young age the value of hard work and education.

It was in high school that she met the love of her life, Allan Tye. Together they attended the University of Toronto where she pursued her interest in language and education. This led Judy to a career in teaching. Judy taught in the St. Catharines area for 6 years as an enthusiastic teacher/librarian who engaged all in literacy and the arts.


Engaging students and adults in literacy and the arts was the hallmark of Judy‘s life. In the early 80’s Judy worked at the Children’s Book Centre in Toronto. The focus of the Book Centre is to promote Canadian children’s writers throughout the country. When Judy headed back into education, she was a teacher librarian who created a strong program where the library was always open and classes, teachers and students were always welcome. The library was a beehive of activity.


Even with all of these activities, she and Allan also had two children, who were involved in the performing arts. Emily was involved in ballet and Tristan is a trumpet player. Her daughter’s interest in ballet led Judy to sit on the board of the Quinte Ballet School. She was also involved in bringing performances by well known Canadian artists to places like Roy Thompson Hall.


During the 90s, each fall, Judy organized workshops led by a troupe of Shakespearean actors for the Grade 9 students. Afterward, she arranged bus trips for the students to attend the play they studied at the Festival Theatre here in Stratford Ontario. Judy and Allan often came to Stratford as part of their summer vacation staying in their favourite B&B and taking in a week at the Festival Theatre. When it was time for Judy and Allan to retire, they moved to Stratford to be closer to the Festival Theatre and other performing arts events.


Judy was often seen at various activities talking with artists, tourists and locals about the various opportunities the arts could provide for careers, personal growth and enjoyment. She began an arts performance company where she promoted artists helping them get noticed locally and throughout the country.


Judy was also involved with in the Stratford Symphony. She became a board member and led in the area of strategic planning which led her to interaction with others who were also interested in the performing arts in Stratford. From these chats, Judy became involved in SACC. Her great ideas, willingness to do what it took to get things done and the passion for the Performing Arts made her an invaluable member of the team.


Surrounded by her family after a battle with cancer, Judy passed away on August 9, 2019.